White Laminate Flooring Inside Designer’s Beautiful Home

The Inside Look of a Designer’s Home

The Owner and Principal designer of “The Design Firm”, Kara Wuellner,  designed her home to showcase her inventive style. Located in Stafford, Texas, Kara has a way of bringing customer visions to life! By using white laminate flooring, Kara had a blank canvas to let her unique personality shine.

Choosing a Floor

Choosing white laminate flooring paired with white walls and furniture allowed Kara to fully embrace The Design Firm’s “the sky is the limit” design style. The finished project can be described as vibrant and textured, with brilliant pops of color. By using a neutral floor, each colorful piece is even further accentuated as it stands out more against the bright white!

The Design Firm reimagined the elevated space to create a luxury tree-house, perfect for gathering with friends and family. We love how this neutral palette offers a timeless design which will allow the tree-house to evolve in the future. Some may find themselves overwhelmed in such a blank space, but for Kara and her team, this is a blank canvas ready for some ingenious creativity.

Beautiful white laminate flooring in interior designers home

Welcome To The “Tree-house”

Although this space isn’t an actual tree-house, it offers a whimsical adult tree-house vibe as it sits up so high on the property. The decor is brilliant, but don’t forget to look out the windows when admiring the photos. We are willing to bet you would catch some gorgeous Texas sunsets out the numerous windows the tree-house offers.

“This space has tons of windows, so keeping things light and airy forces the eye to look outside. It also allows for the vibrant colors of outdoors to flood indoors and bring a nice green pop of color to the table! This space is bold, crisp, clean, modern, unorthodox and cozy!”

Designing Decision’s

When you speak with an interior designer, you realize that there is so much more to consider when designing than small accents, wall color, and furniture.

Details of Kara's home from an interior designer

“There is definitely some “whimsy” in all of our designs, and that is solely due to our visionary and Principal Designer, Kara. We went with a tone-on-tone design so that if she wanted to bring in new art, re-vamp the color palette etc., it was easy to do because all of the main staples of the space were neutral.”

When designing the tree-house, there were multiple aspects to consider in order to achieve the atmosphere she was looking to create:

Beautiful white laminate flooring in interior designers home

“Functionality and practicality are always goals in any project. This one, in particular, needed to accommodate large groups of people and still feel spacious. We achieved this by keeping a neutral palette and creating good traffic patterns in the space.”

The Flooring Choice

When asked why they decided on white laminate flooring, they said:

“That’s an easy question! It’s durable, the color is timeless, for such a lasting product the price is, as we like to say, “On Point,” and we can get the flooring quickly. Whether you are looking for a modern look, which is the way we took our design or a farmhouse look, this flooring is versatile and never fussy. We wanted a clean, crisp flooring that wasn’t going to compete with the wall art, rugs, and other design elements in the space. This light and airy flooring helps ground our modern design concept with ease.”

The Bestlaminate Experience

Besides receiving a floor they adored, The Design Firm had a great experience with us, stating how the ordering process was easy, as was the delivery and installation. We couldn’t agree more! The pictures are incredible and radiate design inspiration for those who usually refrain from using color in their decor, or who may be nervous to bring white laminate flooring into their home.

A Tip From The Design Team

The Design Firms number one tip, (besides using a designer), is to map everything out.

“The number one tip is to draw things out on paper a few different ways and never forget your tape measure!  Furniture scale and traffic patterns are crucial when designing.  You never know when you are going to come across that perfect piece of furniture and if you don’t know your space measurements and layout then it becomes a guessing game…and that’s never a good thing in design!”

Learn More About The Design Firm

We hope you loved this behind-the-scenes look into Principal Designer, Kara Wuellner’s home as much as we did. You can follow The Design Firm’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with their latest designs. You can also check out their website here.

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