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White-Washed Commercial Laminate Serves As A Blank Canvas For 2B Brows!

by Bestlaminate
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We loved how 2B Brows founder, Sheri Smolcha, used this white-washed commercial laminate flooring to create an eyebrow studio that offers her clients supreme comfort. This also allows her to showcase art that inspires her work. She chose the Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring to achieve the look she was going for. Sheri is well known for applying both creative and scientific thinking, which is what makes her view on beauty so unique.

“When I think about eyebrows, I think about beauty, and then I think aesthetics and all of the different shapes and designs utilized to create an individual’s face. The Phi golden ratio can be applied when designing eyebrows. The word artist, to me, is inclusive, we all have something or something’s we are good at, and I enjoy helping people become their best.”

2B Brows

The Design Inspiration 

With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, 2B Brows found a space to call home in historic downtown Layton, Utah. Sheri had the opportunity to fulfill her vision for the studio while still appreciating the historic depth the building has. With channeling the historical aspects of the building in mind, she was originally considering other flooring options before deciding on the Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring.

“I thought about getting a floor color that resembled an old tavern, to keep with the historical purpose of the space, a rich brown. I also sampled another white-washed flooring with rose-colored tones and I just found the Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate suited the overall vision of the studio design.”

2B Brows

Why Choosing White Can Be Fun 

White flooring can be intimidating to some, but for Sheri, she saw it as an opportunity to create something truly unique and visually appealing.

“I love the look of having an almost all white studio. It’s like a blank canvas, starting new. The flooring also had a worn out white-washed look that gave the space more character and depth. I pay attention to the details.”

This white-washed commercial laminate flooring created a clean, airy space for a relaxing studio and was the perfect canvas for Sheri’s artistic personality to come to life!

2B Brows

Different characteristics of the Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring are brought out by changes in lighting creating a multi-dimensional look in her studio.

2B Brows

The Bestlaminate Experience

When it came to finding quality flooring at a reasonable price point, Sheri claims she was having zero success until she stumbled upon Bestlaminate. After working with our sales team, she discovered a white-washed commercial laminate flooring that was going to bring her vision to life. Sheri utilized our room calculator to gauge how much flooring she would need for her project. She also was able to make sure she had all the accessories she would need for a proper installation.

“I really enjoyed working with Bestlaminate. The online chat was super helpful and provided me with the knowledge I needed to purchase exactly what was needed to complete the project. For example, in addition to the flooring, I needed underlayment and moldings. They were able to help me find the items. The website was also awesome, I was able to enter square footage and navigate to find exactly what I needed with ease.”

2B Brows

Sheri’s unique design style will be sure to catch your attention and draw you in. Grab a seat and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the studio while you await your service.

2B Brows

This white-washed commercial laminate not only offers a chic, weathered look which perfectly complements the historic aspects of the building, but it also has great features for a business environment. Not only does it offer an angle/angle locking system which makes installation easy, but it has an AC4 rating which stands up to commercial traffic.

Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring

Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring

“ I have recommended Bestlaminate to almost everyone who asks about the flooring. I’ve even had people text me and ask where to find this particular style for their home.”

Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring

Kronoswiss Noblesse V4 Canyon White laminate flooring

2B Brows

Sheri’s attention to detail shows through her design style…

2B Brows

Each piece of art and furniture demands recognition…

2B Brows

The different yet complementary pieces come together to create a cohesive, beautiful space for her clients.

2B Brows

2B Brows offers numerous services ranging from Brow Shaping/Design, Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, and PhiRemoval (a form of tattoo removal). For some, these may just sound like beauty services but for Sheri, this is a form of art. She looks to Leonardo DaVinci and William Shakespeare for inspiration when it comes to designing her clients aspired looks.

“DaVinci and Shakespeare are prime examples of people who are good at several things. It’s my perception that DaVinci used both science and art to present his vision of life and the world around him, whereas Shakespeare understood the drama and tragedy of life and presented his perception of the world on “stage.” It is my own interests and theoretical concept of organizational congruence, combined with both artistic and scientific thinking that helps me continue to create proportional designs in a disproportional world with 2B Brows.”

2B Brows

If you visit their website, you will see a William Shakespeare quote on the bottom of the homepage:

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

When it comes to her business and art form, there’s no question for Sheri. It’s 2B.

Thank you, Sheri, for not only sharing your business and project with us but for also giving us a new outlook on beauty and design. We adored your fearless usage of white-washed commercial laminate flooring and the way you decorated your studio.


Have questions on finding the perfect laminate for your business? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us at call at: 1-800-520-0961!

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