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3 Top Reasons Why To Choose Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most consumer friendly floors in the marketplace today and Bestlaminate is here to tell you why to choose laminate flooring.

1. Easy To Maintain

Laminate flooring is so easy to maintain. A daily sweep with a broom is a great way to keep your laminate flooring dust and dirt free. If you live in an active household, laminate flooring is the ultimate solution. With scratch, moisture, fade and burn resistance, you can trust that your flooring will last for years to come. You can even opt to run a vacuum cleaner over your laminate flooring if that is your preferred method of cleaning.

There are many lightweight vacuums that work great for a daily sweep over laminate flooring. Do not make this process difficult, make it easy. Once in a while, mop with a water and vinegar mixture – a damp towel or good quality mop is really all that is ever needed to clean your laminate flooring. You can keep your laminate flooring looking like new for years to come. No polishing, no waxing is needed to keep it in perfect condition.

2. Affordable

Laminate flooring is very cost effective. When you use common sense and maintain your laminate flooring, you will not be replacing the flooring anytime soon. Most carpet companies state that carpet will last an average of 7-10 years. Now, you do the math. Laminate flooring will give you many more years of enjoyment than carpet would, plus you will have the look of the hardwood without the price tag.

Plus laminate flooring is DIY friendly; you will be able to install laminate flooring using just 5 basic tools. This is a huge saving, since installation of laminate flooring can be $1.50 and up per/sq.ft.

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3. Your Health

Laminate flooring is great for your health. When you have laminate flooring installed, you will be able to see dirt and dust accumulated. Unlike carpet, laminate flooring does not hold dirt and debris. Therefore, you will always know when your floor needs to be cleaned and it will be fresh and allergen free.

If you have an active family, you may rather not know what is buried under all of those carpet fibers. For asthmatics, or people with unexplained coughs and allergies, laminate flooring can provide relief. Laminate flooring has a smooth and seamless surface, which will mean less accumulation of dust particles and other allergens over time.

Alloc Original Fall Oak laminate flooring
Alloc Original Fall Oak laminate flooring

These are the top three great reasons that you should install laminate flooring in your home. Who doesn’t love a floor that is easy to maintain, cost effective, and keeps YOU healthy? All consumers are busy today and want flooring that will meet the needs of their family. Laminate flooring gives you everything and more you could ever want in your flooring needs of today.

Convinced to buy laminate flooring for your next renovation? Order some free samples from our website to get started!

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