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Why Wide Laminate Flooring Planks Are So Trendy

Imagine this: You walk into your house after a long day at work. You prop your feet up, turn on some relaxing music, and look around your house. Does your style invoke the same feelings of rest and relaxation, as you’d like?

There is a major shift in home design these days from a stiff design to a more comfortable “homey” feel. The feeling that your home gives starts with your flooring.

Wide Laminate Flooring Planks Mimic Natural Hardwood

Natural looks are used in everything. From modern and contemporary décor to rustic, shabby chic designs, wood flooring is at the core. No matter whether the flooring has a sleek finish or a worn, aged beauty to it, wood is a popular material.

Skinny laminate flooring planks are ideal for rooms that want a more dramatic or bold look. Wide laminate flooring planks are better used for homes and businesses striving for a natural appeal.

Farmhouse Dining Room by Durham Architects & Building Designers Linton Architects
Farmhouse Dining Room by Durham Architects & Building Designers Linton Architects

Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

So why not use real hardwood floors to create this look? There are a few reasons why laminate is better.

For most homeowners, real wood floors come with their own set of challenges. Using laminate flooring instead of real hardwood often resolves these challenges. Here are a few examples.

hardwood vs laminate

Care and Maintenance

Caring for real hardwood floors is a chore. You cannot use water, mops, dusters, or cleaning solutions. Instead, you must find specialized cleaner that won’t damage the natural materials.

With laminate flooring, maintenance is easy. Using just a damp mop, you can quickly give your floors a cleaning. No fussing around with chemicals or worrying about which material you’re using to clean your floors. You simply use a soft cloth to wipe down and dry your floors. For a more extensive cleaning, all you need is a little bit of vinegar or one of these laminate flooring cleaning solutions.

Ease of Installation

Hardwood floors are not easy to install. They require the help of contractors that are specialized in this type of flooring. Often these workers occupy your house for days on end. There is dust strewn everywhere and your home feels unlivable. It’s a major undertaking to install hardwood floors.

The same cannot be said of laminate flooring. In fact, many homeowners with little to no contracting experience install laminate flooring on their own. Using a simple solution that allows the flooring to click and lock into place, you can put your new floors in just as easily as you can solve a basic jigsaw puzzle.

Laminate flooring installation



Your floors should last you for years to come. That means you need to go to great lengths to protect them from scratches, dents, and damage.

With hardwood floors, shoes, pet nails, and other outside forces can wreak havoc on your flooring. Laminate flooring is different. Laminate floors are manufactured in a way that naturally protects against damages. This type of flooring is extraordinarily durable.

Flooring Durability

Easy Repairs

If something goes wrong and your floors are damaged, laminate is easier and more cost effective to repair. Damage to hardwood floors might require replacing the entire flooring with something new. Laminate flooring’s easy installation allows you to replace just a few damaged planks. You immediately save time and money while keeping your floors looking amazing for the long run.


So Why Are Wide Planks So Trendy?

Wide laminate planks are popular in homes right now because they look good, they’re long-lasting, and they’re a joy to live with from start to finish. They give you the look of hardwood flooring, but with all of the durability of laminate. The best thing? It will be hard for your guests to tell the difference!

Contemporary Living Room by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Gaile Guevara
Contemporary Living Room by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Gaile Guevara

Have you installed wide planks in your home? Tell us why you love them in the comments below!

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