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What Is The Width Of Vinyl Flooring Planks?

What is the width of vinyl flooring planks? We are asked this question every single day. The new generation of vinyl flooring no longer comes in a sheet format. The newest trend in the vinyl flooring industry is to deliver an easy to handle and easy to install product. Now customers can choose vinyl floors in a plank format available for glue down or glueless installation.

So… What is the Width of Vinyl Flooring Planks?

The width of the vinyl planks varies with each manufacturer and each collection by the manufacturer. However, the width of vinyl plank floors available on a market range between 6″ and 12″. Bestlaminate offers several widths of vinyl planks to accommodate everyone’s needs. For example, the LVT glueless click planks by Featherweight are 6” wide and Timeless Designs iCharacter collection are 7″and Inhaus Aspen are 5.75″!

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