Your Guide to Installing Laminate Flooring On an Uneven Subfloor

Your guide to installing laminate flooring on an uneven subfloor requires you to pay attention to a few key aspects. Follow the tips below and your installation should go smoothly!

How Level Is Your Subfloor?

Most manufacturers require you to have it level to within ¼” over 10 ft. This is to insure the integrity of the floor and will affect stability of the laminate flooring that sits on top of it.

Is It A High Or Low Area?

Leveling compounds can be used on low areas to level a sinking area. High areas can be sanded or ground down if your subfloor is concrete. If your subfloor is wood, you may have to install a new, level subfloor.

It’s Important To Level The Subfloor

While laminate tends to be more forgiving of subfloor imperfections compared to other types of flooring, it is still important to level your flooring to avoid future damage if you are installing laminate flooring on an uneven subfloor. A level subfloor ensures a more attractive and long-lasting finish. It helps reduce the risk of visible damage over time. Leveling the subfloor can also help reduce family and guests tripping and falling over planks that become dislodged from an uneven subfloor.

Keep this guide to installing laminate flooring on an uneven subfloor in mind when you are moving forward with your installation and you should have no problems in the future! If you have questions, write them in the comments below!

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