Does Vinyl Flooring Have An AC Rating?

When it comes to comparing laminate and vinyl, durability is a big factor to consider! Laminate flooring has an AC rating to rate the durability. Traditional vinyl flooring also has a durability meausrement, but this is called a wear layer. With advancements in the flooring industry, manufacturers are now combining the durability of a laminate with the waterproof capabilities of a vinyl. Some floors, such as the Armstrong Pryzm Hyrbid flooring, are now a waterproof solution that also offers an AC4 rating.

While traditional vinyl does not have an AC rating, it does contain a wear layer. The wear layer is built into the vinyl planks and plays an important role in durability of the vinyl floors. The wear layer is the additional  urethane coating applied on the top of the vinyl planks to add durability and protect the floor against scratches, stains and scuff marks. This coating helps keep the original appearance of the floor for long without the need for polishing or buffing. A vinyl floor is still susceptible to dents, UV fading and chemical stains.

With an AC rating, the floor is coated with an aluminum oxide cured surface that helps protect against chemical stains, dents, scratches and UV fading. Adding this technology to waterproof flooring creates the ultimate combination when it comes to durability. 

With both a wear layer and AC rating, the higher the number, the better the durabilty. The thickness of the wear-layer varies with each vinyl product collection, or series, and is generally measured in mils or millimeters. The AC rating goes from 1-6. AC4 and high is commercially rated.