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4 Seasons Sunroom Transformation with White Flooring

by Rachel Vahcic
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4 seasons sunroom transformation with white flooring

Check out this 4 seasons sunroom transformation featuring beautiful white laminate flooring! Our customer, Maria, wanted to upgrade her sunroom by installing bright white flooring! Her goal was to have a space that can be easily styled depending on the season. Maria is also the winner of our October 2021 monthly photo contest!


The original sunroom in this home included outdated tiles. This gave the room an older look that was difficult to work with when decorating. Maria used this space often, so it was important to her to create a space that she truly loved! Once she decided on going with white flooring, she narrowed the search down to a beautiful white laminate flooring, Kronoswiss Noblesse Front White. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. However, we have several other white laminate options available!

4 seasons sunroom before photo

“One of our favorite parts of our home is the sunroom. Originally, it came with terracotta floors which had worn with residue and regardless of the furniture in the room, the terracotta floors were uninspiring and took away from the space. I decided I wanted an airy feel that served as a white canvas of sorts in which the rest of the elements of the room would stand out” -Maria

sunroom before photo summer decorated

“After searching for inspiration, I decided to take a bold leap and go with a white laminate floor that would provide a modern farmhouse look. White laminate flooring turned out to be harder to find than I expected but I eventually came across it at Best Laminate.” -Maria


Wow! What a transformation. As you can see, the white flooring made a huge difference in the appearance of this room! Maria also decided to paint the wooden structure black, and the ceiling boards white. These neutral colors really add to the modern feel of the space. Keeping a neutral color scheme is important when you are constantly changing out decorations in a specific room. It makes the process easier because you do not have to decorate to match any specific color. You can choose your own color schemes whenever you please! This room is just gorgeous and we love the attention to detail.

“I am thrilled with the end result. The white laminate floors give the sunroom a clean and breezy feel that is easy and fun to dress up for all seasons–perfect for our four seasons room.” -Maria

The Details

Take a closer look at this beautiful design Maria created for this Fall season! We love the consistent color scheme she went with. While incorporating warm fall colors, she kept with a consistent theme. The stack of pumpkins and wood pile adds to the coziness of this space!

Styled for Summer

Now that you’ve seen this space styled for Fall, check out the Summer design! Bright and inviting, this 4 seasons sunroom can be decorated for truly any season! The neutral color scheme creates a calm feel to the space while also showcasing a modern design. Touches of greenery are a beautiful accent to add some color into a room. Additionally, Maria keeps the same rug in this room throughout the entire year. Choosing a neutral rug is an easy and affordable way to decorate. What a gorgeous sunroom to kick back and relax in!

4 seasons sunroom decorated for spring

Overall, we could not be happier with the results of Maria’s transformation! The white laminate flooring really allows for any design style and does a great job of keeping this room bright and open. Get started on your next flooring project and order up to 5 FREE samples today at www.Bestlaminate.com.

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