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Affordable Home Gym with Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

by Rachel Vahcic
affordable home gym before and after

This affordable home gym project only took 1 weekend to complete, and the results are outstanding! Having a budget-friendly project was very important and this project was extremely affordable.

Affordable Home Gym – Before

This before and after is a little different than others; this one is my project! I work for Bestlaminate and create all different kinds of content for our gallery. Getting to see so many projects, I have been waiting for the day to do my own! After moving into a new home, I thought of different low-cost ideas/projects that I can do. I had a treadmill that I kept in the basement office, ultimately keeping it out of sight. It only took a few weeks before I was bored of the scenery and wanted to give the room a makeover! Lucky for me, we had just gotten so many new glue down floors, which were right in my budget!

Choosing a Flooring

I wanted to get a flooring that was affordable, and easy to work with. My dad had agreed to help me, but I wanted to help as much as I could. Additionally, this room is in the basement. In other words, waterproof flooring was very important for me. I wanted something with a high wear layer for added durability because this room was going to have equipment. I grabbed a few planks of the LVT vinyl glue down planks and brought them home. My roommate and I then decided on Broadway, because it also was a close match of the flooring upstairs. I love the dark contrast that chocolate brown flooring can add to a room.

choosing a floor


To freshen up the room, I decided to add a fresh coat of paint. We already had the paint on hand, so this wasn’t going to add an additional cost to the project. I got to painting and was happy I made the decision to paint. Old tan walls were now fresh gray and made the room feel new! I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry before I started to install the new flooring.


For LVT glue down vinyl plank flooring, the first step in the installation process is applying the adhesive. For this 90 square foot room we purchased 1 gallon, and ended up having less than half left. I used a metal scraper to get under the baseboards while my dad used a paint roller to apply the adhesive. After spreading an even coat, we waited the recommended 1-2 hours for the adhesive to set before laying the planks. It was nice to have some time to get outside and go for a walk while we waited for the adhesive to set. After nearly 2 hours, it was time to start laying the vinyl planks!


Upon installation, I quickly realized how easy the planks were to work with. My dad and I used a box-cutter to cut the planks. After cutting the plank to the length we needed, we folded it and it snapped right off. I was so surprised at how easy it was! We went back and forth taking turns cutting and laying the planks. Within about 2-3 hours, we had gone through all of the planks I had bought. Unfortunately, I realized I was 1 box short. My dad and I laughed; working for a flooring company, you would think I knew to get enough boxes! Thankfully, the next morning I went into Bestlaminate and bought the last box I needed. I installed it that day by myself (and cut it) and finished in a little over an hour! After finishing the installation, I rented a 100-pound linoleum roller to roll out the flooring, making sure it is secured to the adhesive.

Affordable Home Gym – After

After I finished the flooring installation, the decorating began! This entire project was done on a budget, so I was using items I already had for the walls. I added frames and paintings to the walls to bring the room to life. The old office was not fun to run in because of the dreary appearance. It was important for me to make this room more fun so I didn’t dread working out down here. It turned out amazing! I mounted the TV and got my speaker set up and ready to go. The flooring really completes this room and gives it a clean look!

Since finishing this project, I use my home gym nearly every day and love getting to have my own space to workout at home. Most importantly, this gym has flooring I love as well as touches of my own style. This affordable home gym project was one of the best decisions I have made and I would definitely get glue down vinyl planks in the future!

Featured in this Affordable Home Gym

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Shaw Uptown 20 Broadway

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