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Kitchen Remodel Before and After with Vinyl Flooring

by Bestlaminate
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kitchen remodel before and after beautiful design featuring vinyl plank flooring

Get inspired from this kitchen remodel before and after! Our customer, Lynda, used COREtec vinyl plank flooring to transform her kitchen from outdated to modern!

Transforming your home may be easier than you’d think. Here you will see how new flooring and cabinets can take a kitchen from old to new! The best part about upgrading your flooring is that you can do it yourself.

Kitchen Remodel – Before

kitchen remodel before photo of outdated design

This kitchen was in need of a transformation and Lynda was prepared for the job! Remodeling is no easy task, especially when you are responsible for multiple things. This kitchen was in need of new flooring, new cabinets, painting and more! Lynda began with the flooring search and Bestlaminate was here to help. She knew she wanted a neutral beige color that would pair nicely with any color scheme. Additionally, vinyl plank flooring is 100% waterproof which is perfect for kitchens! No need to worry about minor spills. Vinyl is also easy to install, meaning you can even do it yourself! After a lot of hard work, Lynda had completed this kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodel – After

Kitchen remodel after photos with beautiful new vinyl flooring and mint green cabinets

Wow! This kitchen remodel is incredible! Lynda wanted a calm and relaxing style with a splash of color. The mint green cabinets bring in a stunning color scheme! Check out the mounted shelves that showcases mugs and plates creating a minimalistic style. The COREtec Manila Oak vinyl flooring complements this space beautifully.

Flooring Featured in this Kitchen Remodel Before and After

COREtec Plus enhanced Plank Manila Oak

This 8mm vinyl floor is perfect for a residential or commercial space; it is 100% waterproof and will give your home a neutral and modern look! Backed with a lifetime residential and 10-year commercial warranty, the DIY enthusiast will appreciate easy installation. Order your free sample at Bestlaminate.com

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