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Ronald McDonald House Playroom – Project Playroom Collaboration

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Ronald McDonald House Playroom Collaboration with Smart D2 Playrooms and Bestlaminate

Check out this amazing collaboration that we took part in with Project Playroom and the donation of Bestlaminate flooring for the Ronald McDonald House Playroom. This project is something we are very grateful to be a part of and we are thrilled to share this with you!

What is Project Playroom?

“Project Playroom is a lifestyle brand that designs select high-end communal and commercial playrooms and sells modern playroom products. We believe that the playroom should be an imaginative experience where memories are made.”

Karri Bowen – Poole & Denise Davies (Co-Founders)
Karri and Denise co founders of Smart D2 Playrooms
Karri (left) & Denise (right).

Project Playroom is founded by Karri Bowen-Poole and Denise Davies. Karri has been a customer of Bestlaminate for years before this project! She started using our flooring in her playroom projects because of the beautiful designs and durability we had to offer with our products. Back in March of 2021, Karri reached out to us about a project that was a little different from the rest. She explained that her and Denise were participating in a big project with the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley in New York. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the house, Karri and Denise decided to give the playroom a much needed update. Click here to read more about the back story of this partnership.

How We Got Involved

Well, how did we get involved with this special project? After hearing about this project through Karri, it was an easy decision to get involved. We recommended our very own brand of vinyl plank flooring because it is 100% waterproof and durable, perfect for a playroom with high amounts of traffic. After sending out some samples, Karri and Denise both fell in love with our Bestlaminate Vinduri Vintage Oak White SPC Vinyl Flooring. This neutral flooring features gorgeous patterns that mimic real hardwood. Light colored floors are also especially good for use in rooms with children because crumbs are not as noticeable compared to a dark floor where they would stand out. In other words, your flooring will still need regularly cleaned. However, in between cleaning, your floor will not appear to be dirty.

Bestlaminate Vinduri Vintage Oak White SPC Vinyl Flooring
Bestlaminate Vinduri Vintage Oak White Luxury SPC Vinyl Flooring

After deciding on which floor to use, we sent out a shipment that included all 15 boxes of flooring. This donation is so special to us because we know that this flooring will be the foundation of this playroom where so many kids will gather to play for many years to come.

Ronald McDonald House Playroom- Before

What is a transformation without getting to see the before photos? Here you can see that this playroom was in need of a major update! This room was previously cluttered and outdated. The smart D2 Playrooms team knew they had a lot of hard work ahead of them. They created a vision and got to work! For smaller rooms, it is always important to create a plan on how to maximize the space.

Playroom Renovation

Denise and Karri work together when creating the playrooms. Karri specializes in the creating spaces for kids to use their imagination and stay engaged in play, while Denise focuses on the interior design aspect of the projects. These two truly make the perfect team!

ronald mcdonald house playroom- during renovation

As you can see, the butterfly mural on the wall adds so much character to the room! You can transform your playroom at home with the same look. Click here to shop all of the unique murals that Smart D2 Playrooms offer!

Ronald McDonald House Playroom

Check out the stunning neon sign and unique house-shaped wall! This one-of-a-kind playroom is special in so many ways. Each unique aspect was designed for this space in a way to truly get the kids involved in a more hands-on type of play. Did you know that the neon light even adds an educational benefit to the room? Karri notes, ” Lighting (visual processing) is one way that can help children regulate their responses and behaviors to external stimuli. Lighting can also help to create a soothing and calming environment. which in turn helps children to focus.”

Ronald McDonald House Playroom

I bet you have already noticed how this color scheme involves all sorts of bright colors! By using neon colors, this creates an upbeat environment that is both inviting and fun. The neutral floors were a perfect choice for this room because they complement all of the colors beautifully, without making the space feel overcrowded. Light-toned floors also bring brightness and vibrancy into any room!


Once the Karri and Denise finished up the playroom, it was time to put it to the test. Of course, the kids loved their new playroom! The Smart D2 Playrooms team really take play to the next level. The different areas in this room offer different tools to keep kids engaged and focused.

We hope that you enjoyed getting to learn about this very special project. At Bestlaminate, we are always grateful for each experience we get to be a apart of. Knowing that our floors will serve as the foundation for this Ronald McDonald House Playroom for many years to come is an incredible feeling. Be sure to check out Smart D2 Playrooms and learn how you can create your very own unique playroom.

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Bestlaminate Vinduri Vintage Oak White

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