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She-Shed DIY Photo Studio That Will Make You Want One

by Bestlaminate
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Photo Studio She-Shed

Karen Robert’s is no stranger to creating beautiful DIY photography studios. She decorated her first home photo studio with Classen Fresco laminate flooring, a whitewashed floor that can be staged for any occasion.

For her second project, she teamed up with her husband and Bestlaminate to build a DIY photo studio in the form of a “she-shed” that will not only be used for portrait sessions but also passion projects, such as knitting and painting.

After getting approval from their HOA, Karen and her husband began building the she-shed from scratch in August. They worked together to build the structure, install the laminate flooring, and find unique design elements, like the antique windows.

The goal of the project was to just create a really cool outdoor space. I’ve been a professional photographer for 20 years and I am always looking for new and unique sets for photoshoots. The she-shed will definitely be used as a photoshoot haven as well as a fun place to just relax or do some of my hobbies painting, knitting, and weaving.

This shed is located in the back corner of Karen’s yard, in a sunny spot to create the best natural light opportunities for her photography. The she-shed measures 144 square feet and is 12′ x 12′.

Karen’s Backyard

karen roberts photography she shed project
karen roberts diy home photography studio she-shed

My husband has a love for design and building and I have a love of creating and decorating. We came together on his design and my decor.

karen roberts she shed

The inside of Karen’s she-shed studio isn’t your typical, painted walls. She decided to do floor to ceiling laminate in her studio. Instead of using her first favorite, Classen Premium Fresco flooring, she went with another unique laminate, Kronoswiss Shabby Chic Laminate from BestLaminate. This flooring has since been discontinued, but we offer many other beautiful whitewashed floors!

Photo Studio Flooring Installation

white wash laminate flooring on walls

Best Laminate was always in my head for the flooring and walls. We have Best Laminate throughout our entire home and both my indoor studios, so using this flooring was a no brainer for me. It’s unique and really easy to install!

white wash laminate flooring on the wall

I love fabric and texture and choose this particular flooring because of its textured look. It really looks like real wood that has been distressed.

Karen and her husband installed the laminate flooring on all of the walls first and then installed the planks on the floor. Skip the paint and have completed DIY walls in no time!

how to install laminate flooring on walls

We ran into some major crunch time in the end! On Halloween, we teamed up to install the walls and floors. We completed it all on Sunday afternoon at 2 PM. The floors only took us 2.5 hours to install!

installing whitewash laminate flooring

After the installation, my 1st session scheduled in the shed was the next day. I feel like the project really came out beautiful. We went with a clear roof to have optimum light. It’s a beautiful bright spot that I am sure will be decorated in all sorts of ways throughout the years.

Beautiful Finished She-Shed

As you can see, this flooring makes a perfect backdrop for her DIY photo studio! Laminate flooring is an easy way to make an impact as an accent wall or photography background. See how Karen creatively dresses up both of her home photography studios on her Instagram account.

shop whitewash laminate flooring from bestlaminate
shop white flooring at bestlaminate

Looking for a creative way to dress up your DIY photo studio or creative space? We work with studio owner’s all the time! Check out these studio ideas and reach out to us for personal recommendations.

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