Laminate Flooring vs. Other Flooring – Compare the Pros and Cons

Let’s face it. When you search online or in-store for flooring, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many different types of floors, let alone textures, patterns, colors, and more to choose from – how do you know where to begin? Do you choose hardwood? Engineered Hardwood? Laminate? The list goes on.

The easiest way to narrow down your flooring decision is to compare laminate flooring vs other flooring options, including top choices such as hardwood, tile, vinyl and carpet.

Laminate Flooring vs Other Flooring Overview Chart

Laminate Hardwood Vinyl Carpet Tile
Fade Resistance High Low Moderate Low High
Wear Resistance High Moderate High Low High
Stains Resistance High Moderate High Low High
Dents Resistance High Low Moderate Low High
Scratch Resistance High Low Moderate n/a High
Moisture Resistance Moderate Low High Low High
Care Easy Moderate Easy Difficult Easy
Installation DIY Friendly Professional DIY Friendly Professional Professional
Price/ sq.ft $0.65- $4.00 $1.99- $12+ $0.79- $4.00 $.65+ $.75- $12+

Detailed Flooring Comparisons

Choosing between several different options? Get a deeper overview on the pros and cons of laminate flooring vs other flooring through each of the links below.

The ongoing battle will continue amongst consumers on laminate flooring vs. other types of flooring. Depending on your household or business needs, one type of flooring may be a clear winner. We recommend taking your time reading about each flooring solution, and ordering free samples to evaluate each type of floor in your home or business.

There’s a lot to think about when making a flooring decision. If you need more help or information, we encourage you to talk to one of our flooring experts.

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