Laminate Flooring vs Carpet

The differences might seem obvious, so why is it so hard to choose between these two types of popular flooring? By breaking down the core differences, you’ll get a better sense of what’s right for you when considering laminate flooring vs. carpet.


Both carpet and laminate are affordable flooring options. However, carpet usually requires the help of a professional to install. Although the materials might be cheap, the installation can dramatically increase the price of your flooring and break your budget if you’re not careful.

If you are worried about the price, laminate flooring is your best choice when it comes to material, installation, cleaning costs and overall lifespan of the product.


Carpet and laminate look dramatically different. Carpet can be fluffy or more rigid, while laminate is a flat, smooth surface. When deciding which one looks best in your space, you will need to consider your wall color, room decor and overall personal style. Carpet can oftentimes become outdated and worn with time, so a neutral color is best.

Carpet will generally be soft to the touch and maintain a warmer feel than a laminate. If you are concerned about the warmth of your floor, a thermal underlayment can be installed underneath laminates to help with temperature changes.


On average, carpet must be replaced every five to ten years. Laminate flooring usually lasts at least thirty years or more. Although it can withstand pressure from jumping or falling objects, carpet is subject to fast wear from dirt and stains. Laminate is far more durable and will look great for the long run.

If durability is a concern, laminate is by far the better choice.

Health Impact

For people with allergies, it’s no secret that carpet isn’t the best type of flooring. Pet hair, dander, and dust embed itself into the fibers of carpet, causing allergy sufferers to sneeze and wheeze. With laminate flooring, it’s easy to clean up allergy causing pollutants, keeping your home more comfortable.

If health impact is a concern, laminate is by far the better choice.

Ease of Cleaning

Regardless of what type of floor you put in your home, dirt, dust, and stains are a concern. With carpet, they are a little bit more of a concern as the fibers latch ahold of any dirt, making it difficult for even the strongest vacuum cleaners to clean. Stains and dark spots are more apparent on carpet. With laminate, clean up can happen in minutes by just using a damp mop and regular sweeping will keep dust and dirt maintained.

If cleanup is a concern in your home, laminate flooring is the easiest way to go.


Carpet and laminate are two distinct types of floors. If you want a long-lasting, versatile floor that is easy to clean, laminate is your best option. If you’re still unsure of what type of flooring is right for your room, talk to one of our floor experts.

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