Finishing a Laminate Flooring Installation

It’s an accomplishment to get to this point! Finishing a laminate installation can polish off your new space and create a sense of accomplishment. After installing your moldings and trim, follow these guides to help finish your flooring project and begin to create the space you’ve been dreaming about!

Sweep the Room

We know a laminate installation can get messy. Foot prints, dust and waste from the installation can be lingering in your new room. Clean up larger scraps and begin to sweep the room with a broom and dustpan. Before you move in your furniture, you may want to give it a nice cleaning with a mop, too.


Repair Any Damages

Accidents can happen, especially for first time installers. If you notice any edge damages or scratches after your installation, you can try to fix them with a laminate repair kit that you can find at any home improvement store. These usually come with putty and color correction materials to help fill and camouflage any damages. Remember, manufacturer warranties will not cover damages by improper installation.



If you glued any seams or added additional water protection, we recommend letting the adhesive dry for 24-48 to properly seal the flooring before moving or walking on the surface. Always follow the manufacturer instructions when it comes to dry time.

Move Back Into the Space

For most installations, you can begin to move furniture and decor into the room right after you finish your installation. Don’t forget to take some photos of your completed room and send them into us at [email protected]!

Have questions? Need a little bit of extra help? We’re here for you. Start a chat with one of our flooring experts in the box on this page and get a fast answer to your laminate flooring installation questions.