Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment

It isn’t call ultraseal for no reason! This underlayment not only protects your floor from moisture, but it also makes your flooring quieter. This is a perfect product for silencing any floor, from hardwood to laminate. It can also be installed on top of concrete, OSB and wood subfloors.

Gather Your Tools and Supplies

To start your underlayment installation, gather all of your tools.

  • Floor Muffler Underlayment
  • Utility knife
  • Broom or ShopVac

Start the Installation

Step 1: Prepare, Inspect and Clean Subfloor

Follow these directions to properly prepare, inspect and clean both wood and concrete subfloors. This must be done prior to starting the underlayment installation.

Step 2: Install the Underlayment Next to the Wall

You will notice two ends of the floor muffler – one with a clear line of tape and the other with a pink strip. The clear tape should be next to the wall, with the pink end towards the open room.

Step 3: Install Parallel to the Wall

The underlayment will lay the same direction of your flooring, staying parallel to the wall. Underlayment and flooring should stay in the dame direction.

Step 4: Cut the Underlayment

Measure the wall and roll out the underlayment to fit. Cut the underlayment to the size needed.

Step 5: Unfold the Film

Next, pull the pink film towards you to unfold it. This will act as the overlap guide for the next row.

Step 6: Unfold the Film

Following step 3 and 4, roll out the second row of Floor Muffler Underlayment. The seams of the foam should be tight and not overlapping. The pink film will lay under the overlapped film from the second row of underlayment.

Step 7: Position the Seams

Close, tight seams are important when lining up the film. No gaps, overlapping or holes should be present.

Step 8: Seal the Seam

Next, peel the adhesive liner off of the tape and stick the foam on the film overlap underneath. Double check that the seams are not overlapping as you adhere.

Step 12: Add the Flooring

After two rows of underlayment are installed, add the first row of flooring. Following the manufacturer installation directions carefully, install several rows until you get close to the edge of the floor muffler. Continue installing the floor muffler and flooring in sections until the install is completed.

Step by Step Tutorial

Need help selecting the right underlayment for your flooring project? Contact one of our flooring experts to guide you through the types.