Guide To Flooring Accessories

Flooring accessories are needed to start, finish, maintain and repair your flooring surfaces. When purchasing your flooring, it is always recommended to get your accessories with it. Accessories include underlayment, moldings, installation needs, such as tools and adhesive, as well as cleaning and maintenance products.

Click on our informational guides to learn more about flooring accessories and which products you will need for your flooring project and installation.

Underlayment Guide

Underlayment is an important step in any laminate flooring installation. You may also choose an underlayment for engineered and solid hardwood floors. To learn more about each type of underlayment, which type fits your project and how to install it, take a look through our underlayment guide.

Adhesive Guide

Adhesive can be used in several flooring installation methods, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and engineered hardwood. You may also look to use adhesive on laminate edges to help protect the floors from moisture. Learn more about adhesives in this guide.

Moldings Guide

Moldings and trim are the final steps to any flooring installation. Whether you’re transitioning from room to room, or adding a decorative touch, our molding guide will help you determine which moldings you need and how to install them.

Tools and Equipment Guide

Before you begin any installation, it is important to know which tools you will need. If you are missing some, go out and grab them before you start!

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