A Complete Guide to Hardwood Flooring Installation

Ready to begin installing your new solid or engineered hardwood floors? Be sure you know exactly what to do before you start. If you are installing a hardwood product, you may want to consider a professional installer. Hardwoods can be a big investment, so hiring a professional can a smart move.

1. Selecting Installation Type

Did you know hardwoods can be installed a variety of ways? Depending on which type of hardwood you choose, you may opt for a specific type of installation. You should always read the manufacturer instructions before beginning a project. Read more to find out which installation is the best method and the manufacturer recommendations.

2. Subfloor Preparation

A successful installation relies on preparation! Your subfloor is a key factor in the installation process. Properly preparing your wood or concrete subfloor can create a solid foundation and base for years to come.  Read our guide to find out how to properly get your subfloor ready for a hardwood flooring installation.

3. Underlayment or Adhesive

Depending on your installation method and type of flooring, you may opt to lay an underlayment down or glue with adhesive. Check with your manufacturer instructions before starting your installation.

4. Installation

Nail or Staple

For solid hardwood floors, you only have the option to nail or staple the flooring, but you can also use this method with engineered hardwoods. This will be best for a professional installer. Take a look at this hardwood floor installation overview.

Gluedown Installation – Engineered Hardwood

With engineered flooring, you have the option to adhere the flooring to the subfloor. Learn more about glue-down engineered hardwood installation.

Floating Installation – Engineered Hardwood

Like a laminate, engineered hardwoods can be floated with a click and lock installation. Read more about how to do this install as a DIY project.


5. Finishing Installation

A flooring installation isn’t complete without the final touches of moldings and trim.

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