Laminate Flooring Installation Guide

Although it might seem like a daunting task to lay your own laminate flooring, it’s actually easier than you think! Due to the click and lock flooring installation, a laminate floor is a DIY friendly project. Following along with our laminate flooring installation guide to get step by step instructions and tips for your installation.

Laminate Flooring Installation Guide - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Laminate Flooring Installation Preparation

Before any work begins, you must prepare for your laminate flooring installation. The most important part of a laminate flooring installation is to reading the manufacturer instructions, and watching any video tutorials on the installation. This will help you get familiar with the installation process, technique, and what tools and supplies will be needed.

After you read the manufacturer installation instructions, browse through our laminate flooring installation checklist for a quick reference guide.

Step 2: Subfloor Preparation

Before any flooring underlayment or laminate planks get installed, it is imperative to prepare and fix any damages with your subfloor prior to an installation. Your subfloor is the foundation to a structurally sound, damage free floating laminate floor, so this step is very important.

Step 3: Install Flooring Underlayment

The third step in the laminate flooring installation guide is underlayment, if your flooring does not have attached padding already. Underlayment is an essential part of a laminate installation that provides cushioning and potential moisture barrier between the subfloor and laminate. Properly installing your underlayment will set your floating floor up for success.


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Step 4: Begin the Laminate Flooring Installation

Now for the fun part—how to install laminate flooring! If you have already prepared by reading the manufacturer directions, you will know which installation method is appropriate for your brand of laminate flooring. Using the improper laminate flooring installation method can damage flooring and void the warranty!

Step 5: Special Laminate Flooring Installation Considerations

In a perfect world, every room would be square with 90 degree angles. Unfortunately, pipes, angles, cabinets and stairs can create some extra work during a laminate flooring installation. Here are two laminate flooring installation guides for obstacles and obstructions.

Step 6: Laminate Moldings and Trim

Moldings and trim are the final pieces of installation to create a seamless and beautiful looking room. Find out which moldings and transition pieces you’ll need and how to install them.

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Step 7: Finishing the Laminate Flooring Installation

Polish off your new laminate installation with final touches! Follow these steps to complete your installation and begin enjoying your new floors!


Want access to guides, videos and more? Find all of the resources you need in this helpful list of laminate flooring installation information.

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