Vinyl Flooring vs Hardwood Flooring

When you’re trying to decide on a hardwood-like look, you may be weighing your options between a vinyl and a hardwood floor. We break down the biggest similarities and differences to help you make your decision a little easier.


This is a pretty large difference between a hardwood and vinyl floor. Both surfaces can come in a range of lower price to higher luxury looks, however, a luxury vinyl tile will be dramatically lower than a luxury hardwood. Also a consideration into the price is the installation cost that may be associated with a hardwood floor. If you go the engineered hardwood flooring route, you will save money both on cost of the material and installation, making it comparable to an LVT option.


In this category, vinyl may win depending on your needs. Vinyl is waterproof, stain resistant and very durable due to an aluminum oxide surface coating. This is a great option for kitchens, baths and laundry rooms.

Hardwoods, although durable, can still be easily scratched and dented on the surface. They can also be damaged with water and liquid stains.


Vinyl has come a long way from when it first began as a flooring surface. Now, you can find vinyls that look almost identical to a hardwood counter part due to graining and authentic hand scraped textures. If you are looking for the shine and authentic look of a hardwood, and are willing to pay for it, then the real thing should be your top choice.


The thickness is a huge difference and could be a factor in your decision. Vinyls range from 2mm – 5mm, making it a thin option if you need to install under cabinets, appliances and doors. Solid hardwoods are generally used in new builds due to the thickness of their planks. An engineered hardwood is the best option for a remodel as it is less thick than a solid hardwood — ranging from 5/16″- 1/2″.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A vinyl floor will be a little easier to clean than a hardwood. A vinyl is less susceptible to damage with water and chemicals, whereas a hardwood floor should be gently cleaned with only specific cleaners.

Also, vinyls are less susceptible to surface scratching.

Hardwood flooring vs vinyl flooring

We hope this helped in determining the best surface for your home! Depending on your needs, either type of flooring will work well in your home. Order some free samples and compare!

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