How to Protect Your Laminate Flooring

You’ve probably heard that laminate flooring is extraordinarily durable, but it’s still important to take steps in laminate floor protection. Taking care of laminate floors is easy when you take the proper steps to protect your floors against scratches, dents and chips. Whether your kids use your floors to color, you regularly entertain, or you see a tremendous amount of foot traffic, your laminate is put to the test daily.

Taking proactive measures to protect laminate flooring and care for your floors will help extend their life and keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Laminate floor care doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some laminate floor care instructions and tips:

Furniture Pads

Need to move that sofa? Do you (or your kids) ever push the chair back from the table? If so, your furniture could leave scratches and scuff marks with their legs. Here are some tips for laminate floor protection against furniture scratches:

  • To prevent scratches in your laminate, you will need some felt and adhesive. The easiest way to do this is to purchase felt and superglue form your local craft store. Then, glue small pieces to the bottom of your furniture.
  • You can also buy small discs with adhesive on one side that can quickly be stuck to the bottom of your furniture.
  • If felt is hard to find, try using small pieces of carpet or rubber. These materials work just as well to keep your flooring scratch and scuff mark free.

No matter how you use felt padding on your furniture legs, be sure to check them regularly. Sometimes felt pads can come loose and fall off, leaving your floors unprotected again.

Plastic Flooring Pads

To prevent laminate flooring scratches and wear, you will need to use protective mats under your caster chairs if you are in an office setting. This is an essential tip when it comes to laminate floor care. Mechanical damage to your floor surface is not covered by the product warranty. In your home office, you can use a nice and decorative rug instead of a plastic pad.

Using Rugs

You already know that area rugs are great for decorating, but did you know that they make exceptional protective tools too?

If you have an especially high traffic area, such as a hallway or entryway, use an area rug or runner to protect your laminate flooring. It’ll add a pop of color or design, and keep your floors looking good for longer.

  How to Protect Laminate Flooring with a Rug

Limit Excess Moisture

Moisture can make your laminate planks expand and contrast. If you live in a humid climate or have limited air conditioning, it’s recommended to measure your humidity levels regularly. The ideal level is between 35% and 65% humidity. More than that might cause your floors to warp or get damaged.

You should also protect against excess moisture on the floors. If you spill any liquid, clean it up right away. Puddles of water can cause your floors to buckle and warp too.

After cleaning, always do a thorough job of wiping down your flooring. Leaving excess water sitting on top of your laminate is a recipe for disaster – and not just for your floors. In addition to putting your floors at risk for moisture related damage, you might also cause someone to slip and fall.

Trimming Pet Nails

Laminate floors are one of the best options for pet owners due to the tough surface resistance. Normal wear and play can be withstood due to the aluminum oxide top coating, however, it is important to keep your pet’s nails trimmed and groomed to avoid excess damage. Along with your pet’s nails, toys that are heavy or have edges should be used with caution to avoid potential chips and scratches.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

In addition to taking preventative measures to keep your flooring looking like new, you should also clean your floors regularly. Rocks, sands and other debris can also leave scratches on your floor. More extensive laminate floor care instructions and cleaning tips can be found here.

Repairing Scratches and Damage

Did you find these laminate floor protection tips too late? Most minor laminate flooring scratches and dents can be easily fixed with DIY kits. Learn more about repairing your laminate flooring here.

Have a tough stain that you can’t get out? We may be able to help! Contact one of our flooring experts today.

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