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Kronswiss is a Swiss flooring manufacturer under the parent company, Kronospan. Kronospan is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based products, including flooring, ceiling panels, wall panels and more. Sustaining technological advances in manufacturing, Kronospan is able to offer affordable prices, advanced flooring options and cutting edge designs.

Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring Installation Instructions

Kronoswiss laminate flooring has two separate types of installation methods—5G or Angle2Angle. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the correct installation method, or you will damage your flooring. Damaged flooring from misinstallation will NOT be covered by your warranty.

The big difference between the two installation methods is that an Angle2Angle installation should experience no tapping. By using a tapping block on these floors can damage the flooring and create a void in the warranty. Please watch the video below and read the manufacturer instructions carefully for each installation method.

For detailed Angle2Angle installation instructions, click here.

Kronoswiss Laminate 5G Installation Method

Kronoswiss Laminate Angle2Angle Installation Method

Kronoswiss CARB 2 and Emissions Certificates

Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring Warranty Details

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