Laminate and Heavy Objects

Before installing a laminate floor in a basement, entertainment or music room, you will need to know what to consider with laminate and heavy objects. Grand pianos, pool tables or aquariums can pose problems to your flooring if they exceed 500 pounds. Here’s some considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing a laminate floor that will support heavy objects.

Durability and Stability

A thicker floor doesn’t always mean it is more durable. For heavy objects, look for both a thicker plank and an Ac4 or higher rating. This will be a more sturdy plank that is rated for commercial durability and wear.

Locking System

The biggest threat to laminates with heavy objects is the direct pressure on the locking system. Generally a pool table will have weight evenly distributed, so it isn’t as big of a concern versus a piano with only 3 or two legs. Even a piano’s vibrations can create gaping in the locking system. One of our recommendations would be to install an Alloc brand laminate that features a patented aluminum locking system designed to be stronger than the typical tongue and groove system.

Special Installation Options

If the piano or pool table is over 500 pounds, you may want plan out a special installation with a laminate “island”.  This island refers to a section of laminate that is installed with moldings around the edges and flows into the rest of the room,  therefore creating an island for the piano that is reinforced on all sides. This will protect the laminate installation throughout the whole space.


With any piece of furniture over a laminate, we always recommend to place felt pads underneath the legs. With a piano or pool table, we recommend using the rubber coasters specifically designed for these objects. The rubber discs will help to disburse the weight of the legs and/or wheels to prevent any denting, scratching or even damage to the subfloor below. It will also keep the piano or pool table in place, which is safer for the laminate flooring joints. Lastly, we recommend hiring a professional to move the piano or pool table into and out of the room to avoid damages.

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