A Free Laminate Buying Checklist

You’re busy. From the overwhelming to do list at your day job to the mounting list of chores, the last thing you need is another list. Unless that list is a CHECK list.

We know you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we make it as easy as possible to buy the perfect laminate flooring for your home or office. Here is a FREE laminate buying checklist to help you make the right decision for your next flooring project.


The level of foot traffic your floors will endure determines the AC rating you should buy. The rule of thumb here is, the lower the rating, the lower the amount of foot traffic your floor will see. On a scale from 1 to 5, AC 1 floors see the least amount of traffic, while AC 5 floors see the most foot traffic. Learn more about durability of the laminate flooring.


You will never love your laminate if the color and style doesn’t fit with your décor. Decide on the perfect color for your area based on style, grain, tone, and texture. Browse laminate flooring by color.


 From thin (3 – 4 inches) to very wide (anything over 6.5 inches) and everything in between, decide on the perfect width for your flooring. Traditional styles are in the mid range from 4 to 6.5 inches. Anything above or below that is more unique and can add a bold element to your space.Browse laminate floors by plank width.


You will also need to decide whether you want to have 1, 2 or 3 planks for your flooring. One plank style flooring gives the appearance of just one plank of flooring. Two plank style and three plank style flooring looks like multiple strips were used but they are just on one strip of laminate flooring. Browse laminate floors by plank style.


You need underlayment with laminate flooring. When buying your laminate, you will also buy the underlayment that goes with it. Some laminate flooring comes with underlayment pre-attached. For this flooring, you only need a moisture barrier. Let us help you find the right underlayment.


There are a variety of edges you can choose from too. From beveled edges to square edges, you must decide which style is right for your space. Learn more about laminate flooring types.


You must also decide how shiny you want your floors. For example, if you choose a high gloss piano finish your floors will be much shinier than if you choose a handscraped finish. Other finishes available include a smooth finish (which has a simple, traditional look), brushed finish (which adds a rustic look), oiled wood finish (which looks like old-fashioned freshly oiled flooring), or a textured finish. Browse laminate by finish type.


Rest easy. Your laminate flooring is under warranty. When buying, decide how important warranty time is to you to make sure your flooring will be covered for the long run. You can choose between 10-year warranties, all the way up to lifetime warranties. Browse laminate by warranty period.

Consider each of these points. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a select few ideas, request your free sample. We will send you the products you’re interested in so you can compare and contrast them in the comfort and lighting of your home or office.

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