Laminate Flooring and Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems are gaining popularity with the versatile comfort it adds to your home. Especially popular in bathrooms and homes located in colder climates, radiant heat systems for laminate flooring comes in two options – electric or hydronic. A radiant flooring heat system not only warms the floor, but it disburses heat in the rooms and helps to increase your energy efficiency.

Interested in installing radiant heat under your laminate flooring? Here’s what you need to consider:

1. Check Manufacturer Requirements

You will need to verify the radiant heat requirements with each material:

  • Is the radiant heat system acceptable to use with a laminate floor? Depending on the type you choose, some may not be compatible with a laminate floor.
  • Is the laminate flooring radiant heat compliant?
  • Is the underlayment acceptable for radiant heat applications?

If you don’t check guidelines, you could create a fire hazard unknowingly. Also, this will void warranties for each product if installed using improper materials.

Follow the manufacturer directions carefully for each step of the installation!

2. New Hydronic Radiant Heat Must Be Installed Weeks Ahead of the Flooring

If you’re putting a hydronic radiant heating system in, you’ll need to install it at least 4 weeks before the laminate installation. The temperature should be set between 64 – 72°F to ensure the subfloor moisture has properly dried and the room is an acclimate temperature. This should remain the same temperature throughout installation.

3. Existing Radiant Heat Systems

Existing hydronic systems need to be fully pressure tested and set to 64°F for at least 4 days before delivery. Be sure to check with your system requirements before installing your laminate flooring.

4. Check Your Subfloors

Wood subfloors need to be under 12% and concrete subfloors must register as dry on a moisture meter. The PH level of concrete subfloors must register between 6 and 9.

5. Maintain Settings for 48 Hours

After installing your flooring, radiant heat temperatures should not be changed for at least 48 hours. Flooring needs to gradually adjust to the temperature, so only gradual changes should happen after the 48 waiting period. Radiant heat temperatures should never be set above 85°F.

Due to temperature fluctuations, your laminate is more susceptible to minor gaps and should be expected. Temperature and humidity controls should remain consistent to avoid problems.

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