Standard 3MM Underlayment Installation

Standard 3MM Underlayment is the most common type of foam padding that provides basic sound reduction, cushion, sub-floor correction and thermal R-value. It will help to level any minor subfloor inconsistencies and aid in the proper floating of the floor. It should only be used on a plywood or OSB subfloor. This underlayment is not suitable for concrete subfloors due to the lack of vapor barrier.

Installing your underlayment is the second step of a laminate installation. Step 1 is preparing the subfloor properly.

Gather All Tools and Supplies

Before you start installation, it is important to gather all of your tools and supplies for a laminate installation.

  • Standard Foam Underlayment
  • Utility knife
  • Tape
  • Broom or ShopVac

Begin Installation

Step 1: Clean, Properly Prepared Subfloor 

Check that your subfloor is:

  • Level
  • Flat
  • Cleaned
  • Structurally sound (clear of any nails, loose screws that squeak or are damaged, or any parts that were damaged by moisture)
  • Dry (your moisture meter must read less than 12%)

Step 2: Let’s get rolling

Standard Foam Underlayment comes in rolls that range from 100 to 1,500 square feet. At Bestlaminate, we custom cut your rolls to the square footage of your project. The underlayment will be rolled out one row at a time. The first row should be butted up against the wall and be placed the direction your floor will be installed.

Step 3: Work left to right

Work from left to right. The rows should be rolled out seam to seam.

Step 4: Tape rows

Secure rows by taping them together at the seams. Any industrial tape will work.

Step 5: Don’t Overlap

It is important to keep the seams tight, but not overlapped. This will cause an uneven surface for your flooring to float over.

Step 6: Work by Sections

Roll out two rows of underlayment and begin installing the flooring. Work section by section to keep the underlayment tight and project progressing smoothly.

Step 7: Add Flooring

Read and follow all of the manufacturers installation instructions when you begin to lay the flooring. Learn more about installation here.

Step 8: Keep going

Install your flooring plank by plank on top of the underlayment. Continue unrolling your underlayment as the flooring is installed.

Step by Step Tutorial

Need help selecting the right underlayment for your flooring project? Contact one of our flooring experts to guide you through the types.