Timeless Designs Foam Underlayment

Timeless Designs Moisture and Sound Underlayment is the perfect underlayment if you need noise reduction and moisture protection! This underlayment not only protects your floor from moisture, but it also makes your flooring quieter. This is a perfect product for silencing any floor, from hardwood to laminate. It can also be installed on top of concrete, OSB, and wood subfloors.

Gather Your Tools and Supplies

To start your underlayment installation, gather all of your tools.

  • Timeless Designs Underlayment
  • Utility knife
  • Broom or ShopVac

Start the Installation

Step 1: Prepare, Inspect and Clean Subfloor

Follow these directions to properly prepare, inspect and clean both wood and concrete subfloors. This must be done prior to starting the underlayment installation.

Step 2: Start in a Corner

Start in a corner. Unroll the underlayment over subfloor with vapor barrier film side down against the subfloor. Be sure tape strip side is next to the wall and overlapping lip is toward the open room.

Step 3: Roll Out Next Roll

Roll out next row in the same manner buttin foam close to first row and covering overlapping moisture barrier lip. Do not overlap foam just the moisture barrier lip.

Step 4: Connect and Continue

Remove tape liner and secure the overlapping moisture barrier to is. Continue with installation. Seal all open seams with aggressive adhesive plastic tape.

Step 5: Install the Floor

Install flooring per manufacturer’s instructions.

Need help selecting the right underlayment for your flooring project? Contact one of our flooring experts to guide you through the types.