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In an active home with children and dogs running about, an exceptionally stable floor is a must. Why not opt for engineered hardwood flooring from Timeless Designs™? Engineered hardwood not only gives your home that enchanting appeal you’ve been looking for, but also the durability to last.

Engineered hardwood can withstand drastic temperature changes and harsh humidity better than traditional hardwood. It has the added benefits of being able to be installed floating, stapled or glued down. Either way, this enduring floor can stand up to an eventful home. Engineered hardwood can be found in almost any type of wood. Birch, Acacia, Hickory – you name it! – and there is an engineered hardwood available

Choosing your engineered hardwood at Timeless Designs™ means you’ll receive high-end, luxury flooring at an affordable price. You don’t have to give up exceptional quality and appearance for cost. With Timeless Designs™, it’s high fashion, high value.

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