Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

As with any type of flooring you install, you want to keep it looking good for the long run. It is important to know what the cleaning, maintenance and repair practices are before purchasing your flooring. Laminate is very easy to take care of with proper care and regular cleanings. If you happen to experience a scratch, dent or structural problem with your laminate installation, there’s a generally easy fix. Follow these tips for laminate flooring maintenance to keep your flooring looking great for years.


Laminate is considered one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain due to the tough top coat that protects against stains and everyday wear. Regular cleaning mixed with due diligence when it comes to spills will keep your floors as good as new.


If you have a family and/or pets, you’ve probably read about laminate being a great choice. Although laminate is a durable product, some precautions should be taken to properly maintain your floors for years to come. when it comes to laminate floor maintenance, there are some simple solutions.


Experiencing any scratches, dents, buckling or cupping? There can be many different reasons on why damage occurs – whether improper maintenance or negligent subfloor. The most common problems can easily be fixed, but others could need professional attention. Be sure to call your distributor or manufacturer to see if you product damage is covered by the warranty.

Looking for more information on how to clean and maintain your laminate floors? Feel free to contact one of our flooring experts for more help.

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