Vinyl Moldings and Trim

 The last plank is laid and your job is finished! As you stand back and admire your handiwork, you might wonder what’s missing.

The final piece of any flooring projects are the moldings or trim around your room. Vinyl moldings and trim add that essential finishing piece to complete your project. They also serve a purpose – to protect the expansion gap between your floors and the wall, while keeping moisture out. One of the perks of a glue down or loose lay vinyl is the ability to install in a large area without the need for a transition to be laid. For a click vinyl, after any area that is consecutively 40 ft., you will need to add a t-molding transition to protect the strength of the joints.

With vinyl floors, you have a few options for finishing the rooms and stairs.

Quarter Round Molding

This type of molding is ideal for putting flush up against your wall. It also works in corners. There is a slight diagonal edge to keep the expansion gap open. This way, the floor can move naturally as it expands and contracts and you’ll never have to see the difference.

Quarter Round(3)

Wall Base Molding

As a design element, the wall base molding can bring the presentation of a room up a notch. This will also help to cover the expansion gaps. Use it alone or with a wall base to add some extra dimension.

Wall Base(1)

T-Molding or Transition

To transition from vinyl flooring to another flooring surface, we have a VersaEdge Slim Trim that is a universal molding for vinyl transitions. Used as a T-molding or Reducer, this molding will easily transition your vinyl flooring to carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile!



Stairs are a big concern when it comes to flooring. You don’t want any exposed edges or odd connection points. To overcome this, you need staire nose molding.

The stairnose covers the front part of the step making it more comfortable to walk up and down. There are no abrupt edges to contend with.



Finding Your Moldings and Trim

We recommend ordering your moldings along with the flooring so your project can be finished right away. Take a look at your current floors and see if there are any moldings present that you will need to replace.

If you need extra help finding the perfect match or fit, contact us. We’ll help you complete your look with attractive and versatile moldings or trim.

VersaEdge and Slim Trim Installation Videos

Have questions? Need a little bit of extra help? We’re here for you. Start a chat with one of our flooring experts in the box on this page and get a fast answer to your Vinyl flooring installation questions.