Installing Laminate Flooring in Commercial Spaces

Own an office building, cafe, salon or retail location? Manage rental or vacation properties? Then commercial laminate flooring is probably on your radar!

There’s a reason why you see laminate flooring in commercial spaces so often. AC5 laminate flooring and commercial laminate flooring is durable and built to last in heavy traffic areas. The way laminate flooring is made makes it uniquely strong and sturdy. For rooms and buildings that see a lot of foot traffic, having something that can take beating and still look amazing is important.

Another benefit to commercial laminate flooring is that it is not affected by UV rays. That means that offices and buildings with high amounts of sunlight don’t have to worry about having the laminate fading or yellowing over time.

Before you install laminate flooring in your commercial space, there are a few considerations you’ll want to make.

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The Laminate AC Rating

Not all laminate is equal. Each type of laminate is assigned an AC rating. This rating determines how much foot traffic the flooring is built to withstand. The rule of thumb is, the higher the AC rating, the stronger the type of laminate.

When installing laminate flooring in your commercial space, you’ll want to choose an AC 4, Ac5  or an AC 6 rating. We’d recommend an AC5 laminate flooring or higher for any space that sees heavy foot traffic.

  • AC 3 Laminate Flooring: This is suitable for everyday residential use.
  • AC 4 Laminate Flooring: This is a heavy residential and commercial grade flooring. It is best used in areas of your office or building with a healthy amount of traffic.
  • AC 5 Laminate Flooring: This is a commercially rated floor, perfect in areas of higher traffic.
  • AC 6 Laminate Flooring: This is the highest floor rating for heavy duty, commercially rated laminate.

The Wear Layer

The wear layer of laminate flooring cannot be replaced once the flooring is installed. This means that over time, if the wear layer becomes damaged, scratched, or worn, you must replace the complete boar, unlike a hardwood that you may be able to refinish. Buying higher AC rated commercial flooring reduces the risk of this happening.

The Right Warranty

Laminate flooring warranties come in a minimum of ten years and go up to lifetime warranties. There are also light and heavy commercial warranties. Floors installed in commercial settings must have commercial warranty specified by the manufacturer. For your business flooring, it is important that you opt for the light or heavy commercial warranties so you can be sure you are covered for any potential damages.

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Alloc is a top name in the commercial laminate flooring market.  Alloc Commercial floors are all AC6 rated and a top laminate flooring for commercial spaces, salons, offices, and retail stores. Alloc’s laminate features a few key factors, including:

• Class 34 Rated
• Commercial 12 Year Warranty
• HPL-Surface (High Pressure Laminate)
• Abrasion resistance AC6 & Impact resistance IC4
• New Aluminum Drop locking system
• Silent Sound System Underlayment (IIC 64 & STC61)
• (0.48” thick plank) 4-sided Beveled Edged
• LEED® Green Building Certification FSC & CARB 1&2

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