Versatrim Quarter Round Molding Installation Instructions

After installing your new laminate floors, you can opt to finish the perimeter with a matching or white quarter round molding. This molding is used to cover the expansion gap and add a decorative edge to the room. To properly finish off your installation, here are directions on how to install a quarter round molding.

Quarter Round(3)

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Gather tools needed. Click here to find out which tools you’ll need for your installation.

Step 2: Sweep and clean your new laminate to remove dust and any scraps that may be in the expansion gap or around the edge of the flooring.

Step 3: Measure and cut your quarter round molding to the length needed to fit the wall. Depending on size, you may need to place multiple quarter rounds on one side.

Step 4: Cut the moldings according to corners. They will need to be cut at an angle to fit together seamlessly.

Step 5: Pre-drill finishing nail holes every 16″ to adhere quarter round to the wall.

Step 6: Apply two beads of adhesive on the back side of the molding a and then gently press against the wall and support it with something heavy until it has cured. This prevents it from popping off of the wall during installation.

Step 7: Put finishing nails in the Quarter Round where you pre-drilled. Finish up the nails with a color matching Color Fill if you desire!

Need help selecting the right moldings for your flooring project? Contact one of our flooring experts to guide you through the types.