Vinyl Flooring vs Carpet

A popular choice for rental properties and apartments, the choice between vinyl flooring and carpet is a highly discussed option. Many people decide on vinyl for the main areas and carpet for the bedrooms. If you want to learn more about vinyl flooring vs carpet, we break down a few main factors to consider:


Both very affordable options, vinyl and carpet can be found under $1/sq.ft. These prices both increase when talking about more luxury options with added features, such as spill protection, installation included or lifetime warranties.

Installation costs should also be factored into the price of the flooring. Most carpet installations will require both padding and professional installation. With a vinyl floor, no underlayment is required and it is a DIY friendly installation.


It is hard to compare these two types of floors based on appearances, since they are very different. Vinyl can take on stone, tile or wood looks, while carpet is a fabric look that can either be flat, textured or patterned. Depending on your desired look, the appearance will be up to preference.


There are several factors of durability that will come into play when comparing these two flooring types. With a vinyl, you can except a tough top wear layer that is stain, scratch and spill resistance. With carpet, you are dealing with fabric fibers that can absorb water, stains and dirt. The fibers can also be worn down in higher traffic areas, which is why it is a popular option in bedrooms.

Over years, you will find that vinyl will outlast carpet, especially in active areas of the home.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you enjoy vacuuming, then carpet might be your go-to. If you like a little easier way to maintain your home, light sweeping and daily maintenance is all a vinyl floor needs. A vinyl floor will be easier to clean with spills and accidents versus a carpeted surface.

Also, keep in mind that carpet can hold onto dirt, dust an allergens. You may find yourself doing yearly deep cleans of your carpet, which can cost time and money.

vinyl flooring vs carpet

Vinyl or carpet? You make the choice!