Vinyl Flooring vs Tile

Comparable in price and looks, there are some major differences between vinyl flooring and tile. Keep reading to see which surface wins the battle of vinyl flooring vs tile for your specific needs.


When it comes to comparing vinyl and tile, prices can be comparable depending on the type of tile or type of vinyl. There are both high end and budget choices for both floors.

One major cost factor is the professional installation needed for a tile floor and extra supplies that you may need to cover, such as grout. Most vinyls require little or no extra costs when it comes to installation.


Vinyl flooring has many options with appearance, but many vinyls can take on a tile or stone look. A major difference between the look of a vinyl and a tile is the grout lines that will be present in a tile floor. The feel of the floor can also play a role in aesthetics.

A vinyl floor is a softer, rubber-like material that is great for kids, home gyms and busy living spaces. A tile floor is a hard surface that can have an uneven surface. These tiles will also take on temperatures, so colder months means colder tiles.


Both of these options can hold their own in the durability category. Vinyl and tile floors are very durable, with scratch and stain resistant properties. Just be careful! Tile floors can chip and grout lines can get stained.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Both vinyl and tile floors are easy to maintain. Tile floors will need a little extra care if grout lines are light in color. Other than that, both will be fine with normal household chemicals and cleaning.

Vinyl flooring vs tile

Vinyl flooring or tile? This is a common decision and one that doesn’t come easy! Let this comparison help you to narrow down your decision.

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