Vinyl Flooring Warranties

Warranties are complicated and full of fine print. Every manufacturer has their own version of what’s covered and what isn’t. Some will cover certain causes of damage, while others might not. There may also be differences between limited, full and commercial specific warranties.

As a consumer, it can get confusing. Are you covered or aren’t you?

Here’s the golden rule of vinyl warranties to follow: If you don’t follow the proper care instructions, don’t expect to get your money back.

That’s a start, but what if you do follow all protocol? What’s covered then?


What’s Covered:

Most vinyl manufacturers warrant that vinyls will: (Always consult with your manufacturer specific warranty information)

  • Not rip or tear from normal household use
  • Not permentantly indent
  • Not discolor from the bottom-up
  • Not curl at the edges
  • Not wear through
  • Not have manufacturing defects


What’s Not Covered:

  • Damage from natural disasters, such as flooding or fire.
  • Damage from moisture in any of the surrounding structures, including the walls, fixtures, furniture, underlayment, trim, subfloor heaters, etc.
  • Damage from mold or mildew as a result of prolonged moisture or standing water exposure.
  • Damage caused by flooring being installed outdoors.
  • Damage from a vacuum using a beater bar, wheels, or any type of sharp object.
  • Damage from indentations caused by sharp or heavy objects, such as high heels, spiked shoes, rolling chairs, or any furniture not using flooring protectors.
  • Damage to the gloss or shine of the floor over time.
  • Minor damage to the shade or texture variations in the flooring over time.
  • “As Is” flooring
  • Damage caused by tenants or any non-owner occupied facilities (this is only true for non-commercial flooring).
  • Discoloration caused by moisture or acidic liquids.
  • Damage that occurs during installation or construction.
  • Failure to adhere to the subfloor because of moisture or other foreign entities.
  • Any inappropriate activities.

Although this list might seem to exhaust all causes of damage, it’s not all-inclusive. If you have any concerns about your flooring after installation, look at the warranty that came with your vinyl floor. Call your supplier and document and damages.

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