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Kronoart hi-definition architectural panel facades mark the start of an exciting new era in architecture — where design possibilities are endless.


There are four distinct collections of revolutionary Kronoart HPL panels that feature over 100 unique designs. Kronoart has collaborated with some of the world’s leading designers and architects to develop the cutting-edge panels. With a variety of collections — and six texture options — Kronoart panels can be used as a standalone feature or to complement existing Kronospan products. Use it on the exterior or interior!


Kronoart Panel Performance

Kronoart is unlike any other product on the market. The facade panels are not only aesthetically superior to the competition, but they also have a longer life span and are easier to clean and maintain. Kronoart panels have closed surface properties and a layer of highly durable varnish. As a result, the panels are exceptionally resilient to impact, stains and harsh environmental conditions. For added peace of mind, these panels come with a 10 year comprehensive guaruntee and include fire retardant properties in accordance to EN 13501-1. All designs are also available on particleboard, MDF and compact substrates for interior use. One or two sided printing is available with full UV protection.

Kronoart HPL Panel Construction


Print Technology

Kronoart Panels are printed with industry-pioneering technology that is able to create hi-resolution designs, with no pattern repeat, at a size of up to 15m2. Hi-resolution custom designs can be printed at a width of up to 2040mm. By printing directly onto the panels, at a resolution of over a million colors, Kronoart panels have a flawless, deep, and consistent design that is more than 200% clearer than any other facade print Kronoart panels come in many different designs including wood grains, solid colors, and natural material designs. The wood grains have incredible depth and accuracy, the colors are extremely vivid, and the natural material designs are incredibly realistic recreations. These facade panels are the future for architectural design. With the option for custom design prints, creativity is virtually endless.


Sizes and Texture

All designs are available with the following sizes and textures.

Thickness (mm): 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 

Sizes: 2800 x 1300 mm 3050 x 1300 mm 2800 x 2040 mm 5600 x 2040 mm

Kronoart facades are available in six durable textures that replicate many stunning surfaces. Choose from contemporary designs like high gloss and super matte.


KronoArt HPL Facade




This is the premium Kronoart collection. Each panel in the Elements collection is simply stunning because of the detail in the print resolution. Using over a million colors, Elements facades perfectly replicate the look of natural materials such as oak, ash, marble, concrete, and slate.



The Concept collection is very unique and playful. The panels in this collection replicate everyday objects like bark, bricks, and grass. Any custom image can be printed like the panels in the Concept collection



The Fundamentals Collection is full of design staples. These classic and popular designs will look great in any space and on any building. Their timeless patterns will never go out of style.



The Color collection is a designer’s paradise. There are almost 60 different colors to choose from in this collection, so the possibilities are endless. From muted tones to vibrant primaries, there is a color for everyone in this collection. Mix and match a variety of colors for a dramatic look!


Choose Kronospan: Global Leader In Surfacing Materials

With almost 120 years of experience in technology and product innovation, Kronospan provides the highest level of customer support — from their initial design conception to creation. Because of their experience, technological knowhow and passion, Kronospan has redefined and revolutionized the surfacing market. As a result, Kronoart has created the most stunningly beautiful and exceptionally designed facades in the architecture world today. Use on exterior facades, balconies and as interior panels for an amazing look.


KronoArt Facades


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Bestlaminate is a nationwide flooring power seller, and an exclusive distributor of Kronoart products in the United States. We specialize in selling premium flooring from North America and Europe, including laminate, vinyl, hardwood and engineered wood flooring products. Our top brands include Kronoswiss, Kronopol, Classen, Armstrong, Bruce, Pergo, Quick-Step and more. Expanding our product offerings into the decorative exterior and interior laminate panel market is an extension of our commitment to innovation and providing superior products to home owners, builders and designers. Along with the architectural panels, custom laminate counter-tops and surfaces are also available. We offer free project consultations, complementary samples, and nationwide delivery.



To learn more about our laminate solutions, including panels, counter tops and surfaces, contact our laminate panel experts at 1-844-475-8444.


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Project Highlight: Bestlaminate partnered with the Vintage Development Group to provide HPL Architectural Panels for the Parkview Townhomes of the Battery Park neighborhood. Read the story here