Laminate Flooring Comparison

Buying the right floor for your home is not an easy task.

There is several options, and price is not the only aspect to consider. We understand that decision about new floor should be done with consideration of many factors like: color, style, durability, easiness of installation and maintenance as well as health factors and finally the price. We are determined to make sure you get the right floor for your situation.

That is why we have created this comparison guide- you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each type of the floor; from laminate flooring to carpet. We would like to help you to make an educated decision. Weigh all the considerations- cost, beauty, ease of installation, durability, care or long time maintenance.


Read our summary comparison of laminate flooring vs other floors.


Laminate Flooring

Solid Wood


Ceramic Tile  



will not fade, UV resistant

Can fade in direct sunlight, leaving outlines of rugs and furniture

Yellows, can fade in direct sunlight,

Fading resistance

Can fade in direct sunlight


will not wear-through

Can show wear in high traffic areas

Less expensive types wear easily, show extensive wear in high traffic areas

Will not wear through

Shows wear in high traffic areas


will not stain, chemical resistant- use acetone to remove hard to remove spots

Stains easily

Stains easily

Grout stains easily

Stains very easily

Burn resistance






Dent/Scratch Resistance

Dent, scratch and chip resistant

Dents common with high heels and heavy furniture, can scratch easily.

Dents common with heavy furniture and appliances, tears easily

Dent, scratch resistant. Can chip and crack.

Flattening under furniture


Moisture resistant if cared properly

Can wrap from excessive moisture exposure

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistant

Sensitive to moisture. Moisture can be trapped underneath. Impractical to use in kitchen and bathroom.


Easy care, low maintenance, surface does not hold dirt and no polish or refinish is needed.

Requires sporadic polishing, sanding and refinishing.

Easy care, must be replaced often

Easy. Hard to clean grout.

Cleaning is not removing all the dust and allergens. Sporadic professional cleaning service.

Health factor

Allergen free

Allergen free

Chemical ingredients can trigger allergy reactions. Not recommended for people with allergies

Allergen free

Traps dirt and dust – not recommended for people with allergies


Easy, DIY  friendly and not special sub-floor preparation needed

Complicated , in most cases is done by experienced hardwood installer. Very expensive.

Self stick are DIY friendly. Sheet vinyl in most cases is installed by experienced floor installer.

Professional installation. When installing over wood sub-floor, special preparation is needed. Very Expensive.

Professional installation