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Need a rough and tough floor? You need AC6 laminate flooring.  Choose from premium selection of floors that are super resistant to foot traffic as well as offer a stunning look! Your home or any commercial space can instantly be transformed when you install AC6 laminate floor.

AC6 Laminate Flooring - Use and Benefits

A lot of people assume that because a certain laminate is thicker or has a longer warranty, that it is more durable and longer-lasting. This is not necessarily the case. That is why the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) has developed the Abrasion Rating System also called AC Rating. Every laminate is rated based on a series of rigorous tests, including tabor abrasion test, burn resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, and swelling under moist conditions. EPLF adopted a standard based rating which helps buyers understand the differences in durability among laminate flooring products.

When you are looking for laminate flooring the very first question you should ask is "What is the AC Rating for this floor."

For higher traffic choose higher AC number, this way you can safely enjoy your new floor for years to come without worry.

AC6 laminate flooring is suitable for and residential and heavy commercial use.

Need a rough and tough floor? You need laminate flooring with an AC6 rating. Laminate flooring with an AC6 rating is designed for heavy commercial spaces, as well as busy residential areas. You will find stunning patterns and designs in laminate flooring with an AC6 rating

The fact that you can find durable laminate flooring in up to date patterns makes an AC6 rating a great choice for many areas. Wood textures, tile designs, and even stone are some of the fun looks you will find in laminate flooring with an AC6 rating. An AC6 rated laminate floor is simply one you cannot go wrong with.

Invest in it today and you will wonder why you had never paid attention to an AC rating, in regards to laminate flooring.

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