Ash Laminate Flooring at Best Laminate

Ash laminate flooring has that soft yet rustic look you love. This color choice is usually cool and very natural looking. With wood grains that pop with various tones of neutral browns and grays, this look can bring a mellow and inviting feeling to your home. Not only do ash laminate floors keep your space fresh, this color choice also pairs perfectly with furniture. The soft tones comply with decorations, themes, and designs of all colors. Ash laminate floors can make a huge impact on your interior design. By using the color ash, you can take things to a whole new level! Take an outdated room and make it modern by adding ash laminate floors; pair it with aqua toned accents, cool furniture, and add a splash of yellow to make things pop!Try really switching things up by going for a rustic chic look. Hit up yard sales to find antique or vintage furniture and decorations. Restore the old finds by painting them and giving them a new look. Partner these vintage catches with ash laminate flooring and your room will stand out like no other. Protection Status