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Invite exotics into your space with bamboo laminate flooring! The natural and textured look of bamboo carries a rich feel and will add instant energy and warmth into your home. Bamboo laminate flooring proves to be a great investment for the present, as well as the future. If your home lacks a lot of natural lighting and everything is very dark, you can easily brighten things up with lighter colored bamboo laminate floors. Have a small space? Bamboo laminate can open up the room with its various light shades that will make the room shine. Add coastal furniture and artwork for a beachy feel or take things to the wild side with animal print and nature-inspired paintings for an exotic look! Durable, economical and environmentally friendly bamboo laminate flooring is designed to take anything today’s busy family can dish out. Bamboo laminate floors are resistant to penetration by most household chemicals and organic solvents including markers, lipstick, nail polish and crayons. Cleanup is easy, and even stubborn permanent marker can be removed with a little acetone. Browse bamboo laminate flooring now.

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