Contemporary Cement Laminate Flooring

At Best Laminate we’re fascinated by cement laminate flooring. Wood floors with a concrete look and finish offer many significant advantages over other traditional cement floors. They can be less expensive to install and will hold up very well. No longer cold and dull, concrete has become the new laminate flooring material of choice for designers and homeowners across the country, and it offers a wide range of design and cement finish options.

You can bring new life to the once-considered dirty cement floor by adding color and applying textures, patterns, cuts, etc. You can have a smooth, polished surface with a multicolored, marble-type finish. Cement laminate flooring is very popular today and is a preferred flooring choice for modern interiors, offices, hobby rooms and more. With cement laminate flooring, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind room. Check our custom-picked selection of laminate flooring with a cement finish and order your sample today.

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