Fruit Tree

Best Laminate's Fruitwood Laminate Flooring Options

Fruitwood laminate flooring is unique and rich. This laminate is exotic and has colors ranging from apple to apricot. This color type displays an exclusive beauty of nature, real wood, and realistic details. Just like fruit, these woods are saturated with color and have rich, succulent and unforgettable looks!

Deciding where to place bold fruitwood laminate flooring is the fun part of your renovation process! This floor is so beautiful it can truly be placed in any room and still shine. Go for a lighter fruit tree color for the kitchen; accent it with colorful fruit and a dark table.

Fruitwood is perfect for family rooms or living rooms. The exquisite colors give you such variety with decorating; it is not hard to come up with an inspiring vision. Install dark fruitwood laminate flooring in a room that has furniture with white cushions and colorful pillows for the added spark of color.

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