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Beveled Edge

Laminate Flooring with Beveled Edge

Beveled edges are featured in many different laminate flooring patterns. They are grooved edges that offer a clear, distinct line between each plank. Beveled edges make each plank look like real hardwood. Laminate flooring with beveled edges comes in many different flooring designs, colors and patterns.

Beveled edges are often referred to as V-grooves, as each plank is milled to give the plank its own distinct look. Beveled edges are a win-win for the consumer, as the laminate flooring looks real, yet offers resistance to scratches, sunlight, and almost anything you can toss its way. Exotic, Traditional, and even Contemporary styles of laminate flooring all offer a beveled edge.

As with any laminate flooring, a light, daily sweep and your floor will look like a million bucks. The beveled edges are just a little icing on the cake!