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Hand Scraped

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Hand scraped laminate flooring gives the most authentic and vintage appearance to floors. Hand scraped floors have the texture and imperfections of real wood.

Hand Scraped Flooring Selection

Hand scraped laminate flooring is one of the most “vintage” like features you will find in flooring today.

The look and feel of nature is what you will find in all hand scraped flooring. The knots and random, scraped texture bring the look of real hardwood into each plank. Several stunning colors, patterns, as well as designs are featured in several collections of hand scraped laminate flooring.

Each plank mimics the look and feel of real hardwood, yet offers the minimal maintenance that laminate flooring has to offer. With laminate flooring there is no re-finishing, stripping, or waxing of your floor. Hand scraped laminate flooring offers one of the most beautiful looks of real hardwood in the market place today. So, for a small portion of the price of real hardwood.

Hand scraped laminate flooring is your affordable, go to floor when it comes to a natural wood look.

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3 Item(s)

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