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Durable Laminate Flooring for Boys’ Rooms

If you’re looking for the most durable laminate flooring to stand up to your son’s rough and tumble style of play, Best Laminate has a great selection for you to choose from. Our stylists have handpicked this list of laminate floor options that could all go perfectly in a boy’s bedroom. Trusted brands such as Kronoswiss laminate flooring can give you peace of mind that your floor will stand up to raucous play.

For decorating ideas in boys’ rooms with durable laminate flooring, try a red, white, and blue combination or a nautical, plaid, gingham, or sporting theme with chocolate brown accents. On the other end of the spectrum, light shades of color give you the option to make your boys’ room pop with the current trend they love from sports to television characters. Having a base plan of light colors gives you options to explore in décor and furniture.

Browse a great selection of durable laminate flooring handpicked by our stylists to fit your boys’ room today.

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