French Bleed

French Bleed

French Bleed Laminate Flooring

French bleed laminate is beautiful and timeless style. It combines new with old, light with dark and is built on sophisticated balance of pastel tones of green, blue and yellow. French bleed laminate is the latest in laminate trends, and this attractive finish takes a laminate plank and tints the edges with a black or dark brown stain. While most French bleed laminate flooring is also distressed in some way, there are a few smooth styles where the effect is equally stunning. French laminate flooring is a perfect choice if you are trying to achieve a rustic look. The strong definition given by the edges being stained provides a charming character and adds interest to any room. The French bleed effect is stunning on multiple colored laminates and makes for a realistic laminate flooring look.

French bleed laminate flooring offers a unique one-of-a kind texture and sophisticated look. French bleed floors have blackened edges to highlight and contrast between the color of the floor and the bevel edge to outline each plank. The micro-beveled edges bring the ultra-natural look and feel of French bleed floors to life. French bleed laminate flooring is truly unique.

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