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Parents want the nursery to feel tranquil and peaceful, timeless, safe, classic and imaginative – a place where magic happens and fun is had. When designing a nursery, you are creating a space of love, protection, joy and creativity. Inspiration comes from our children and no space is as much fun as childhood spaces.

Choose a durable laminate flooring that will be the base of your design plan. Light colors will give you the option to add warmth and love with objects full of personality. Warm colors and pops of designs in your nursery flooring will allow you to add soft touches of elegance.

Choose objects, fabrics, and artwork to go with your wood laminate flooring. Have fun and enjoy the process and remember to include your baby in all of your work, imagining them in the space and preparing them for a brand new life.

Browse stunning durable laminate flooring decors hand-picked by our flooring stylists to perfectly balance your nursery.

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