Rustic Laminate Flooring from Best Laminate

The key element of rustic decor is that it is constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue. Rustic fixtures, furnishings, architectural elements and textiles may consist of wood, stone, bamboo, rattan, sisal, nubby cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and various types of metal.

Rustic laminate flooring has rich character and personality. Available in designs ranging from light to dark, it has textures for everyone, all for affordable prices and with outstanding durability.

Rustic flooring goes perfectly with country-style decor. Both feature a simple, primitive appearance and rely heavily on natural materials. You can also pair rustic floors with decor that is rougher and more unfinished in appearance, with decorations that have the feel of having been pulled directly from nature with little modification or finishing.

Rustic laminate flooring can be dressed down or up, and is very versatile. Imagine a formal dining room with high gloss furniture, accompanied by a rustic floor – a sophisticated look with a kick of personality! For a more casual and warm look, picture dark rustic floors with big leather couches and dark furnishings – just add a cozy fireplace and you will have the rustic room of your dreams. Protection Status