Photo Contest

Show us your Before & After project for a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card


Submit your Before & After room pictures featuring floors purchased from Bestlaminate.
Submissions are open October 1-30. The winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Friday, November 6th, 2020.


Submission Details:


  • Submit at least 2 separate and high quality Before & After pictures featuring floors purchased from Bestlaminate
  • No screen shot's or screen capture's will be accepted as submissions to the photo contest.
  • All submissions can be emailed to: testimonials@bestlaminate.com
  • Emails should include Your Full Name (or name order is under), Phone Number and Floor Name
  • Tell us your story. Write a brief overview of your project.
  • Make your room picture perfect! Organize & clean your space before taking your pictures
  • Please send the highest quality photos possible.Good lighting will make a huge difference!
  • Submit the highest image size available.
  • You must be a customer of BestLaminate to enter this contest.



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How do I win?

BestLaminate will randomly select contest winner and announce it on November 6th, 2020

We have the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time. We also reserve the right to disqualify any photo within the contest.


How will I be notified?

The winner will receive a call and an email. Please include your phone number in your email.


How will I receive the gift card?

Gift cards will be sent electronically via email within 5 business days of the winning announcement.


Photo Rights

By entering, you agree that you are the sole owner and author of the copyrights for all photos you submit. You agree to allow BestLaminate the right to use your photos for business promotions, including but not limited to, catalogs, online promotions, product photos, and social media posts. Granting BestLaminate to the rights to your images is irrevocable. By entering, you agree to indemnify and hold BestLaminate harmless from damages that may arise from copyright infringement by a third party.




We would like to thank you all our September contestants, we truly enjoyed your pictures and we were thrilled to see how your project turned out! We will be sharing your projects on our Facebook, Instagram, and Gallery pages.

September winner of our Before and After Photo Contest is Timothy Plonski. Congratulations!!!

My story starts in March 2020, right in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 3 weeks into the quarantine, I was getting a serious case of cabin fever and needed a project at home to keep me busy. This quickly led to visions of my own private man-cave speakeasy (what better way to beat the lockdown!). My fiance and I just purchased our first home in December of last year and are planning to get married in November. Naturally, I decided to get started on the project immediately - as if we didn't have enough on our plate already. Chaos ensued. Things were broken, four letter words said, and I was quickly in over my head. Fortunately, Bestlaminate made the flooring part of my project a breeze. I initially wanted to shop local to help support small businesses. However, my local dealer wanted to charge an arm and a leg (I have a wedding to pay for!). On top of that, their showrooms were closed to the public, so they sent me to their website instead (what a mistake on their part). After failing to find a suitable option through their clunky website I took to Google. This is how I found Bestlaminate. Their selection of floors was phenomenal, prices unmatched and best of all their website was super easy to navigate. I really appreciated their 'Room Viewer' tool which allowed me to view the various flooring options right from the comfort of my own couch. Once deciding on the flooring we liked the order and delivery process was a breeze. A process I expected to take a few weeks only took a few days, and the delivery came right to my garage. On top of that, I called with a question about my order and I immediately got a human who was helpful, responsive, and super friendly. Bestlaminate's customer service and communication were top-notch throughout the process. I would rate my experience as a 10 from start to finish! We could not be happier with the result, and look forward to many years of enjoyment out of our new floors! Thank you Bestlaminate. Tim

Featured floor: MSI Everlife Prescott Braly Vinyl Flooring. 


MSI Everlife Prescott Braly Vinyl Flooring