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Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring

Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring collection allows you to bring the look of exotic hardwoods into your home, without the stress of upkeep!

Park Avenue hosts exotic wood species such as Pradoo, Wenge, and Fruitwood, among others! Since these floors are laminates, you won't have to worry about your home having the wrong humidity and temperature to house these beautiful woods. Laminate is much more durable than solid hardwood!

With a 12mm and AC3 design, these laminate planks will give you the stability and durability for any home or small commercial space! Park Avenue has a 30-year Residential and 5-year Light Commercial warranty, so you can feel secure knowing your floor has the manufacturer backing it.

Having one of Bruce Park Avenue's exotic designs in your home gives you bragging rights of having an amazing floor in your home! Your friends and family will be asking all about it, and you can tell them you own an exotic wood flooring... you can leave out the laminate part if you so desire. We won't tell!

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